About us

In 2006, Thong Nhat Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd was founded by Pharmacy Nguyen Ba Cong and Doctor Hoang Thi Thao in Hanoi.

In 2007, Y Phuong Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company was established in Da Nang.

In 2008, Thanh Phuong Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company was founded in Ho Chi Minh.

Our business field is pharmaceuticals with main products imported from major pharmaceutical companies in the world such as Polysan (Russia), Italpharmaco (Italy), Polpharma (Poland) ...

The famous pharmaceutical products in Vietnam market: Cycloferon, Reamberin, Cytoflavin, Ferlatum, Aquadetrim, Natecal D3, Tanagel ...

The biggest success in the period 2006-2010 were Reamberin and Cycloferon products which were in the top 20 best-selling products in Vietnam, and total revenue of 200 billion VND.

In 2010, Medelab Vietnam Co., Ltd was established with the business of medical examination and treatment, especially the examination and diagnosis. With the brand name Medelab Clinic Vietnam, the company has quickly become the No. 1 medical examination and testing brand in the North. Currently Medelab Clinic is the prestige choice of biggest banks such as Vietcombank, Vietinbank, Agribank, State Bank, Vietnam Oil and Gas Corporation ...., which all choose to take the medical examination in the Clinic. Daily, Medelab serves 800-1,000 visitors, testing for hospitals and individuals about 2,000 - 3,000 samples.

In 2012, we decided to change the name of Thanh Phuong Company to OLLIN Corporation with the meaning of all efforts and success (ALL IN), also marked a great change by opening more in the field - Nutritional business by working with Danone Nutricia Group (France-based multinational conglomerate in France and Amsterdam, Netherlands) is a leader in the field of baby milk, Leading brands such as Forticare, Nutrison, Fortimel, Aptamil, Dumex, Attavia fresh milk, Evian ...)

In 2014 a big change OLLIN Company, Y Phuong Company transferred the entire pharmaceutical business to Thong Nhat Company. As a result, Thong Nhat manages the pharmaceutical business throughout Vietnam. OLLIN manages nutrition business throughout Vietnam.

By 2015 OLLIN opens a branch in Hanoi is an important step to expand the business throughout the North.

OLLIN now has a total of 250 employees spread over the entire territory of Vietnam with the fields of pharmaceuticals, nutrition, medical examination and treatment.

Famous brands such as:

1. Nutrison: Specific nutrition for the patient to eat through feeding tube. 

2. Forticare: Specific Nutrition for Cancer. 

3. Fortimel: Complete Nutrition, Rich Protein Imports Nutricia Netherlands. http://fortimel.com.vn/

Health Check Brand:

1. Medelab Clinic Vietnam. http://medelab.vn/

2. Medelab Medical Diagnostic and Testing Center.

In the future, the company will continue to provide nutritional products to children, and metabolic disorder patients. Wishing to become a leading company in Vietnam with the best quality products to serve the community.